About Us

We are proud to introduce our amazing new concept of developing skills for human brain, which is the
“Educational Concept in Mental Arithmetic System”.

Practice Areas

Since mathematics is considered one of the most important subjects for stimulating the human brain, whether for the student or the teacher, it acquires absolute self-confidence. It improves the quality of performance in the rest of the subjects and it smoothly reinforces the scientific and the practical life. This advanced program has achieved great success in many foreign and Arab countries in the realm of developing mental skills.

The teaching of mental computation in the form of images is the basis of computational knowledge. This helps children at the early learning stage to not feel the burden of study. If the education is presented in pictures at an early stage, the children will enjoy their studies later, especially in the branches of physics, chemistry and mathematics.

We decided to introduce our amazing ECMAS program which is well-structured for Human brain from ages 3 to 80 years old.

ECMAS has the most powerful training tool which helps to explore, develop and maximize children’s intelligence from an early stage, and with consistent application, their skills can be successfully accelerated.

ECMAS has the most powerful training tool, which helps to explore, develop and maximize children’s intelligence from an early stage, and with consistent application the following skills can be successfully accelerated.

The art of mental mathematics is a unique and scientifically proven concept that is gaining popularity worldwide as a powerful learning tool in helping millions of children to develop their intellect.

ECMAS is the most powerful program using:
IQ program or more commonly known as ECMAS Program, with the aim of providing training courses for humans to assist them in upgrading their mental capacities and thinking level in general, along with ensuring that the learning process is fun.


We Believe that everyone has a huge power in his mind so our core focus is that: Everything we do is for the student we serve Our Mission is developing an easy life of learning

  • Memory



  • Creativity

    Self Confidence


  • Listening Skills

    Photographic Memory

    Mathematical Skills

    Speed & Accuracy

Our advantages

Whatever your current level is,
ECMAS believes that it’s neither too EARLY nor too LATE to get started with mathematical education and human brain skill-development.


ECMAS instructors are qualified to work at any ECMAS agency world wide.

Student Progress

Student academic performance improves within the first 6 weeks. Significant progress is shown between 4 to 6 months.


The program provides workshops in a new and interesting ways and enriches the experiences of the student in mathematics.


Obtain a certificate from ECMAS. American provided that the student passes the exam with excellence and submits the research.


The program offers essentially interesting solutions for many mathematical problems


Special program to train the instructors how to simplify and teach mathematics in addition to the strategy of education and how to manage the classes.


The program offers full case studies with practical experiences and interesting new ideas


The unique educational process of teaching interests students regardless the age differences