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Welcome to ECMAS

Since we established our business in 1991, we have been maintaining its professional vision, which is to build a high-quality service. In 1996, we established a new concept
of education through our amazing ECMAS program.

CEO Speech

A lot of people are asking whether math is difficult or …. What? Is abacus out of fashion?
The answer is NO, NOT AT ALL …. Math is fun!

ECMAS has spent many years studying the human brain function through various brain activities, and it discovered that the abacus has a tremendous impact on the human brain. Also, the studies demonstrated that students who performed with mental arithmetic by using the abacus, exhibited exceptional mental abilities which not only enabled them to excel in IQ and Mathematics, but also in other subjects.

ECMAS’ curriculum adopts the two-hand abacus, a mental arithmetic approach which facilitates the development of balanced left and right sides of the brain and it is most suitable for students of all ages from 3 to 80 years old. For children, ECMAS focuses on research-based strategies that aid in improving their school achievements, while for adults, our learning system helps to unleash the potential of brain power. ECMAS is an active and highly credible educational program committed to provide quality and effective education.

Since we established our business in 1991, we have been maintaining its professional vision, which is to build a high-quality service. In 1996, we established a new concept of education through our educational programs to improve the skills of the human brain. In 2007, we focused on the most important branch of our business which is Mental Arithmetic area. At the end of 2013, we performed our amazing concept of ECMAS Academy's program which can make a huge different in the personality, whether mentally or academically, of any person from the age from 3 to 80 years old.

Therefore, we usually hire professional and academic staff and constantly try to improve our skill in order to create a good environment that helps us achieve our main goals.

If you are interested to be our partner in this fast developing educational program, we welcome you to join ECMAS. Academy LLC network of the most amazing program all over the world.

If you have any further questions, please contact us to find out more information about our amazing program and its benefits. We are looking forward to help you find the solution for your educational needs. Also, your valuable suggestions and comments are highly appreciated.

Thank you.
Yours Sincerely


Our Values


ECMAS. believes that all human brains have the ability to reach and perform at their highest potential which will help to succeed in life. The materials used by the ECMAS. have been constructed in a way which makes students’ progress happen through very small steps along the learning process and each student will be learning at a level that suits him or her. Worksheets are constructed in such a way that students never encounter problems they are unfamiliar with. Sample problems and examples are always provided whenever the student moves to new areas of learning, which assist students in learning the material on their own. As a result, students can effectively learn by themselves.


Whatever the current level of the student is, we design an individually customized math and science programs that will allow the student to excel with his or her own pace. This will help the student to be independent, self-reliant, and motivated to learn on his or her own. ECMAS gives confidence to achieve more than you have ever thought.
Great Accomplishment
ECMAS' student will feel a personal sense of accomplishment that will increase his self-confidence
ECMAS'student will be very glad to interact with others and learn on their own.
Playing with numbers through fun Math and learning concepts that will keep students excited to enhance their skills even beyond the classroom. ECMAS. program is guaranteed to positively change their attitude towards learning.
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    and Fun Math

    Its questions include many examples that are provided whenever the student moves into a new area of learning, which assist students in learning these materials on their own.
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    ECMAS’ Target

    ECMAS’ target for learning IQ and mental arithmetic is the acquisition of necessary academic and life skills by ECMAS’ students of all ages.
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    ECMAS Academic

    Each level in ECMAS has specific features which are academically designed to help students in their schooling background and life experience.
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    ECMAS worksheets

    It focuses on the development of strong calculation skills and aims at assisting students to excel by themselves in all mathematics subjects through avoiding all irrelevant concepts.
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    ECMAS’s Spirit

    ECMAS makes students have a feeling of self-affirmation, a sense of achievement, a challenging spirit and an ability to learn by themselves.
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    ECMAS’s Limit

    ECMAS program has 25,000 examples of mathematical problems and IQ questions, and has almost 3,900 worksheets of 29 different levels.

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We are the most successful academic enrichment program all over the world

Our features

Every century has a tool to create the geniuses of the world
The tool of this century is ECMAS!

ECMAS’s Method

The materials of ECMAS’ Method have been constructed in a way which enables the students to develop through small steps. Small steps lead to the greatest success.

ECMAS’s Goal

ECMAS program focuses on self-study that enables students to acquire not only basic academic abilities, but also self-confidence, regardless age or level of education.

ECMAS’s Character

The main characteristic of the ECMAS Method is allowing enough flexibility for optimal learning.

Junior ECMAS

Junior ECMAS is designed specifically for younger children. It helps them to love learning as well as preparing them for their first academic challenges in mathematics through the Junior ECMAS Academic Preschool Program.

ECMAS’s Hands-on

ECMAS worksheets are constructed in such a way that students never encounter problems they are unfamiliar with.

ECMAS’s impact

The ECMAS Method is a unique method that allows students to comfortably study and to love learning. It also develops concentration skills and self-confidence through the ECMAS’ simple and unique IQ and arithmetic materials.

ECMAS Effect

As a result of ECMAS program, students can effectively learn by themselves.

ECMAS’ Quality Assurance

ECMAS consistently checks the quality of its materials to ensure that there are no problems that would hinder the students’ progress. All worksheets are reviewed on a routinely basis, and enhanced upon feedback from students and instructors.

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