ECMAS franchisee will consider as a pioneer so with ECMAS strategy and ideas you will earn a huge money.

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Franchising Opportunity

Wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. ECMAS has a complete and a comprehensive support system to assist our franchisees in developing good educational program. Our staff consists of professionals who are experienced in marketing, education, technology, finance and administrations, to help you in your way to success.

After joining the ECMAS. Academy, franchisees will attend a comprehensive and intensive training program, then the franchisees will become expert with product, strategies, marketing and implementation of ECMAS business, even business planning, pricing and staffing, and the full knowledge needed to build your own ECMAS business

After the initial training, franchisees will receive follow-up field consulting and support during the initial launch and ongoing development of business. ECMAS. Academy will continue to invest in the ongoing development of products, programs, and tools system that meet the needs of the growing technology education market today and in the future. With our growing Franchise-network and support system, we will continue to maintain the standard of Abacus and Mental-Arithmetic's education worldwide. Finally, if the franchisees follow the policy and the strategies of ECMAS. Academy, they will have the best opportunity they can have in business ever..

Our features


ECMAS franchisee will consider as a pioneer in his area, introducing an amazing idea.

ECMAS Family

Starting as franchisee means that you become a part of “ECMAS Academy's family “.

Ideas & Benefits

All franchisees contribute and share ideas for the benefit of the franchise.

Franchise Revenue

With ECMAS strategy and ideas, the franchisee will earn a huge profit.

ECMAS Strategy

ECMAS training and policy makes the franchisee able to face many of the start-up problems and enables someone with little or no experience to become a part of a specific industry.

Education with ECMAS

ECMAS Academy is the only program that helps both the math teachers and students to simplify the math subject.

Experience of the franchiser

Our franchise strategy gives the power to the franchisee with years of experience and proven methods.

Franchise Standard’s

Maintaining and upholding clearly defined operating procedures and quality standards. Contribution to growth through feedback. Promotion, research and development.