ECMAS’s invention is a simple way that can help any person to be not only a good thinker but Guinness Person.

ECMAS Achievement

ECMAS’s Students can use their mental ability in full.
Mathematical Skills
Self Confidence
Memory Strength
Listening Skills
Photographic Memory
Speed and Accuracy
  • My kid was enrolled in ECMAS Program since 2010, he was 4 years by then. It’s a really good program. It’s really good, program, because the IQ part makes different and now he can do faster calculating and can improve in problem solving.
    Kevin's Father
  • My daughter had a very difficult learning problems in the school, she was 9 years when she joined to ECMAS, by the middle of first level she became good in math and the math teachers called me to ask that, what happened with her ? She became good in math and faster, And when she was in fifth grade she joined to the second level of ECMAS program, by the end of level she become different in more fields such as IQ questions, Science even she can memorize Historical, Geographical Subjects … etc.
    Mr. Gouhary
    Yousrina's Father
  • My daughter had difficult learning problems in the school, she was 8 years when she joined to ECMAS , after 6 weeks at 2008 her teachers specially Math teacher keeping ask me, that, what happened with her ? She became more faster more active almost gunnies, WHAT DID YOU DO WITH HER ? I Replied, just I applied for her with that an amazing ECMAS program 6 weeks ago …
    Clara's Mother
  • Our daughter was good in math but slow, Also, her life skills and IQ was a little bit weak, we enrolled for her in E. CMA S. program After 5 weeks we noticed that she became perfect and really very fast in Math, Plus, she became really intelligent in IQ and life skills. Then I thought about business with them to be an Agent for E. CMA S. Academy in a different country.
    Oliga's Parents
  • We are very proud of our daughter achievement; this is our third level of ECMAS. She got 95 % in the final exam of third level So, we are very happy daughter t this is quite an achievement. We would like to thank all the instructor who have helped our d daughter. They are excited. “Intelligent is the best!”
    Kim's Parents
  • We would like to thank ECMAS family, our twins son and daughter were very pouring of study, by the middle of first level with ECMAS we noticed that they became very active and they trying to do their homework faster than each other, after 2 levels we surprised they like the school and study more than before. Really we would like to say that the management and the instructors of ECMAS did a lot for them and the others.
    Tom and Jenny
  • My twins are 8 years old. I can see that they were not interested in learning, I enrolled for them with ECMAS after 4 weeks I recognized that they became more interested in learning and focus on their studies. ECMAS Program is organized and systematic. I can see that ECMAS is a program that stimulates and trains the left and right brain. It also creating a great minds, So far I can see that they have a smarter mind and they can make their own decisions and I'm very pleased they are learning ECMAS. Also ECMAS program is very helpful in their school subjects, especially mathematics, they become more independent with their homework.
    Steve and Ken
  • I think ECMAS program can change the minds of my child to be more focused and creative. Also I think that ECMAs program is a good program and it can’t be found in other tuition centers because it can stimulate and train the brain of my child. Also I see that my child are very interested in learning because the instructors teach them in an enjoyable way and concern them. ECMAS is very excellent.
    Peter’s Father
  • I have two kids study in ECMAS Program. They start since 2013, they are twins and they were 6 years old at this time, I would like to say that, ECMAS is an amazing program, because the IQ Thinking and the mathematical skills became super with my kids, Now, they can improve in problem solving, also, with any difficult mathematic problem they can do it fast and correct and all subjects in the school. ECMAS is a very good program for IQ, now they can move faster in calculating and problem solving. Also, they can concentrate in every subject in the school, ECMAS’s teaching way is very creative and simple. Abacus is one of the manual calculating and they can calculate easily and fast.
  • We are quite surprised that our sons have the ability to solve some difficult math problem and IQ question after they have only learned ECMAS Program in a short period, Also they could do some IQ questions in a fast speed, Therefore, we would like to thank ECMAS Academy Team.